Bots Anyone?

A veterinarian discusses bot flies on horses. Read more »

Monarch Butterflies

Musings about how horses and riding and seeing the migration of the monarch... Read more »

Really, You Should Take Lessons

Experienced California three-day event horse trainer discusses the problems... Read more »

Equine Melanoma: What Options Have We?

This post reviews some of the mainstream treatment options for horses with... Read more »

What Is The Future of Boarding?

The ability of a horse farm owner to store hay and bedding may make a huge... Read more »

Even a Great Equestrian Facility Needs Local Amenities

A discussion about the impact of the new Tryon Equestrian Center and the... Read more »

Coffin Bone Fracture

This post reviews the 7 types of coffin bone fractures and includes... Read more »

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF) is an FDA-approved therapy option... Read more »

Horse Journal Website Glitch

I apologize for the problem with the yellow subscriber tab.  If you... Read more »

Straightness is Always a Goal

A discussion by an S-level dressage judge about what straightness means to... Read more »


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