Horses in Fiction

A discussion about good fiction books that contain horses. Read more »

It’s Time To End The World Equestrian Games

A thought-provoking commentary on why the World Equestrian Games simply... Read more »

The Basics of Nerve Blocks

Many horse owners become confused when their veterinarian uses nerve blocks... Read more »

A Lesson in Shortening Your Reins

Thoughts about how we shorten our reins and how the horse might react to... Read more »

Equine Vandalism - Cutting Off Manes and Tails

Second incident makes blogger wonder why people are cutting off the manes... Read more »

New Therapies to Help Your Horse

A summary of two new physical therapy and rehabilitation modalities to hit... Read more »

The Only Way To Get Better Is To Ride More

A discussion by a trainer about the difficulties faced by many middle-aged... Read more »

Looking a Horse in the Mouth

Have you ever wondered what the veterinarian is looking at in your horse's... Read more »

When It's Hot, It's Hot

A dressage judge discusses competing and judging in the heat. Read more »

Human and Veterinary Surgeons Partner up at Cornell for Stifle (Knee) Innovations

Discussion about human and animal surgeons working together to improve... Read more »


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