How are cowboy boots made?

Yee-hah for a Cowboy Boots!

We normally see people wearing cowboy boots in western of movies, TV series, print ad campaign. Typically you’ll find an actor or actress in tight pants with rugged leather riding boots. This type of riding boots is manufactured using leather such as cowhide, which is the most affordable leather that is extremely easy to care for. Other materials used to manufacture cowboy boots are more expensive and hard to get such as alligator, snake, ostrich, and other exotic animal skin. Nowadays, there are so many styles and designs available to choose if you want to be the next “Lone Ranger”, but there are only two distinguish styles of Cowboy boots; Classic or traditional and Roper.

Classic or “traditional” cowboy boots have a design which can be seen on good old western movies or worn by hard working residents in southern states like Texas. This style of cowboy boots is usually made from the hide of a cow and made in all sorts of earth toned hues. The manufacturer’s sometime use exotic skins such as crocodile or snake skin for a much more stylish or exotic boots. You will often see these more exotic boots worn by women. The other style of cowboy boots is the Roper; this is more styled towards urban individuals or “fashionistas”. Roper’s commonly use the same type of material as the classic boots but because of street style or mass-retailing, manufacturer used synthetic materials. Since roper is made for people more focused on fashion then functionality, there are lots of colors to choose from which make them stand-out and shine.

Both styles have a distinguished look, the classic is taller than the roper, about above mid-calf length, while the roper is ankle-high to adopt with the current trends in fashion especially with fall and winter seasons. A lot of fashion industries that include models, fashion editors and even celebrities are all wearing roper cowboy boots. When it comes to toe shapes, both offers narrowed design yet the traditional one usually have the pointed kind. Newer designs however will incorporate either rounded or squared toes. Women today typically choose the longer and a bit more pointed shaped of cowboy boots, while men tend to pick the rounded shape for masculine yet ragged look. When choosing a cowboy boot, heels are always a top factor because of the classic style, heels usually are below 2 inches in length while roper heel lengths range in size depending on your preferences. It can be as high as 7 inches or as flat like a ballerina shoes.

Because of all the intricate details and designs found in cowboy boots, they are mostly handmade. If you have noticed the embossed artwork, colorful patterns, and beautiful stitches, these are handcrafted by professional shoemakers. If you choose the handmade cowboy boots, expect to pay a higher price because of the top of the line quality you will be getting. If you’re looking for discounted cowboy boots you may want to consider a machine made boot. While they don’t typically last as long as the hand-made boots they are a great option for individuals that have a small budget.

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