top 100 western movies

I am sure that coming up with the top 100 western movies was difficult. Every list I have seen is different. But I would say that the number one movie it was pretty bold to put a spachetti western number one. The music really does not fit the old west. Most lists usually start with John Wayne movies and go from there. You added comical westerns such as Pale Face which in my opinion is not a top 100. You also said that there would be some on the list we never heard of or seen. This is true and the very reason why they are not top one hundred. It was a good list but you left out many good western actors and movies. I think that Tom Selleck has done very good acting in western movies such as The Sackets.



Am I missing something?!

"American Legends of the West"...the recent American Cowboys magazine with John Wayne on the cover:

Nowhere in the whole magazine was there even a mention of Randolph Scott! What is up with that?

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