the best rodeo cowboys

the best dirt, kickin tobacco spittin, cattle wranglin cowboys come from las vegas and maybe one of the best cant say for sure everyone that ive seen has stayed on that bull for more than 8 seconds one if stayed on for 15 seconds but thats just my opinion i would like to hear some opinions where do you think the best cowboys come from and your not aloud to say texas we know texas is full of cowboys but they cant be the best there have to be alot more cowboys out in these states lets find them alright ya'll.



Finding the Best Rodeo Cowboys

If I was to walk out off almost International airport with my Cowboy hat worn, the first thing that comes to mind likely to those viewing me is I am a cowboy. They likely would recall the many movies they have seen or books they read during their life, then making judgment. Most likely they would quickly assume, I must be from Texas. Granted, Texas does produce many wonderful Rodeo Cowboys since the days of the first cattle drives. However, true Cowboys know that yes, while the great state of Texas does have so many great Cowboys performing Rodeo, Texas is not alone. They come from Coast to Coast, across the borders and even abroad.

Recently, I have been following Miss Rodeo America 2010 who is from Mississippi and toured Australia. Australia too, like Texas has been producing some of the finest Cowboys where a selected handful have even found their way into PBR and the PRCA. My favorite of the Australians is a group "Legends Bullride" Exhibition team of seven champion bull riders
who are all over 50 years old. Their showmanship and bullriding prowess the raw challenge between man and bull defying 8 seconds and a 100 year old history.

Great Rodeo Cowboys come from nearly all walks of life, nearly every edge of the planet, and perform Rodeo far beyond just the sport of Bull Riding. My favorite parts of Rodeo often is not the normal performance of standard events. Often finding myself impress with the wild milk contest, or team branding as the recent "Ride for the Brand" Rodeo held in Colorado featuring Ranch Cowboys from many states across the nation. Well, OK, from several states nonetheless. I recall reading about one Champion Bull rider coming from New York City and ponder how he ever found his way into Rodeo, much less the Bull Riding Event. Then there is a guy named Myron Duarte from Maui, Hawaii who should have known more about surf boards "Dude" than becoming a career Bull Rider with the PRCA circuit holding nearly a million cash in prize money. That list would also have to include those on tour with PBR where Brazil and Australia hold world championship titles.

I would have to recall Von Twitchell, still performing a different Rodeo with the Mules earning his placement in the Cowboy Hall of Fame that continues to Rodeo even this past year in Bishop, California at the age of 78 years young. Even his son, Frank another great cowboy and team roper along with grandson Ty who is a bull fighter plus his great nephew Jason Goodman who masters the Thundering Percheron Team.

However, many great cowboys will never see the bright lights of Las Vegas. Most will never know the glory of competing in the National Finals other than through the words of great magazines as American Cowboy or perhaps the highlights through a cable sports channel.

I suppose to best reflect who are the best Cowboys to kick some dirt, spit tobacco and rise to fame this year in Las Vegas is to review the world standing of the PRCA. Ryan Gray of Cheney, Washington has this years highest earnings in bareback Bronc. However, if we leave Texas out of the picture, that would leave out Trevor Brazile from Decatur, Tx having the highest earning this year for ALL-Around. These Cowboys are coming from South Dakota, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and so forth. Foremost, our neighboring nation of Canada has several on the PRCA list including a few from Australia that could take home the BUCKLE. My bet is following their stats as we are nearing the Finals.

Yep, these aren't the Dallas Cowboys we will be following. These are those Cowboys and Cowgirls who continue to make the sport of Rodeo, the greatest sport on earth. Be it the vendors who are marketing on this big event, the magazines we read following the stats or those who work so hard all year long to make this event happen, The Nationals is looking very exciting.

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