snow storms

Looks like another snow storm for us today.Only about 3 " so not too bad, just enough to make my hour drive home suck.
went out riding last weekend for 5 hours in the snow. it was great. I sure I will ride on Sun.
my horses are liking the cold weather though with no bugs, me not so much, the water is frozen as am I.
I wish we would get more snow so they will open up the snowmobile trails, so we can get the sleds out and ride.I ride my horse on the snowmobile trails during the week. The trails are so nice, going through the woods, I just have to keep my ears open for crazy snowmobile drivers comming,
can't wait to get off work and head out for the weekend.



more snow

well we recieved 1 foot of snow this weekend the most we have gotten at one time since the 91 blizzard. no riding for me, the temp was 4 below this AM when I left for work, just glad that my car started,
I wasn't able to get the barn door open as it was frozen into the ground, so all the horses stayed outside.I do like to bring in my old guy he is 30 and getting a little thin.but he did ok, he is going blind also, so he is so afraid when it is snowing and blowing,
I am hoping for some sun today!!



We had snow today. A bit unusual for South Alabama. It snowed back in February and we got 4 inches. It started sleeting/raining before much could accumulate though. The horses love the cold weather. They were running and bucking. They were probably thinking "what is this white stuff falling on me?

I din't think you ever got

I din't think you ever got snow down there. what is the temp there today? have you been out riding ?


South Alabama Snow

It is very rare for us to get snow here. When it snowed the 4 inches back in February it had been about 17 years since it snowed last. Last week when it snowed it didn't stick. It started raining/sleeting before any could accumulate. Today was in the 30's. Tonight is susposed to be a cold night for us. Temps are susposed to drop down in the low 20's. On Thursday rain is in the forcast and temps back up to mid 60's... Crazy Alabama Weather......

Do you do alot of riding?

Do you do alot of riding?


Weekend Riding

I ride on the weekends. My horse doesn't get rode as much as she needs though. My sister-in-law will usually ride with me and we ride the dirt roads. Sometimes we load the horses up and take them to the County Arena and ride in it.

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