Keeping the West Alive: Reality TV Show

We've been working on a pilot for a western TV reality show called Keeping the West Alive. Featuring a cowboy poet, musician and radio host that many of you know, the show travels the West finding people who are living their lives in ways that help to preserve the traditions of the Old West.

We're just trying to get an entertaining show on the air that tells stories about interesting, hard-working westerners!

To see the demo reel and get info about how you can help us get this show on the air, click the link below.

Many thanks for your time and interest. We hope you'll like what you see.

American Cowboy Picture

Keeping the West Alive: Western Reality TV Show



Keeping the west alive - amen!

This would be great - a TRUE reality TV show. Other shows are not "reality" - more of a "mockery"! Whatever happened to the good old shows, like Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and good old Matt Dillon? Nothing but trash on TV anymore - I mostly watch PBS stations if I even turn it on. I will speak to my wife about donating - won't be much but every little helps. Will also bookmark and spread it around. Good luck and God bless!

I'm the "do-it-yourself" cowboy - love going to rodeos and the livestock portions of our county fair. Must travel further for the rodeos tho... I grew up w/on in Arcadia, FL - it was great!

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