The Bronc Rider

Can anyone name the town in which this poem is set?

The Bronc Rider

He was sittin' at the Palace Bar there on Whiskey Row
Done takin’ on his part here in the oldest rodeo
Busted up and sore and tired, thoughts stir in his hard head
Thinkin' of them jumps he took that make him want a bed

The pickup men sure saved his ass once or twice at least
That last big painted stallion was a strong and mean ol’ beast
He rode ever’ hoss they gave him, and man it was a chore
Gettin’ hard to jump back up and make eight seconds more

His legs were bowed from many days lived out there on the range
When too much time was spent indoors it made him feel strange
Some rough stock that he rode today near ‘bout just done him in
But he sure cowboyed up my friend and then he took the win

As he’s nursin’ a cold bottle and ponderin’ the past
Some tourist folks come walkin’ in and stop and stand aghast
At the sight of this here fella all dusty and threadbare
Wearin’ chaps and faded jeans with strawdust in his hair

One ol’ gal she sauntered up and said “excuse me sir
It looks like you were in a wreck” he slowly turned to her
“Now Ma’am I beg your pardon if I look rough to you
But you’re likely not to understand what it is I do

I ride broncos for a livin’ and they don’t want me there
They run and jump and try their best to toss me in the air
Some are unsuccessful but most others have their way
I’ll be down there on my butt in dirt and crap and hay

My back is sore and my durn neck is mendin’ from last week
I landed on my noggin’ and for a while could not speak
I’ve busted nearly all the bones that docs have ever named
Been throwed from wolves that surely will forever be untamed

“Why ride those mean wild horses if it makes you hurt so bad?”
“Lady all I’m knowin’ is in the saddle I am glad
Throughout the week I work the herds a roamin’ far and wide
When Friday comes I head on out to take a rougher ride

I know it may seem loco and just a little funny
To earn so many broken bones and make so little money”
But you know I’d do it though if it didn’t pay a lick
Cuz workin’ with fine horses is just what makes me tick

We do our jobs together and put on a darned good show
Both knowing we will work so hard goin’ toe to toe
Travelin’ the circuit is now the only life I know
When my wallet’s near ‘bout empty, I’m off to rodeo

So please pardon my appearance and dusty presence here
But this ‘ol town made history on the wide frontier
Where all the roughest cowboys travel far to show their stuff
At the world’s oldest rodeo and competition’s tough

Now go on out and see the sights in this big ol’ western land
Where sky is blue and folks are few and sunsets are so grand
Take time to learn the history not so long in the past
If you spend time with ranchin’ folks, you’ll understand at last

Steve Dickson
Copyright 2012

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what town it's set in

Sounds like Prescott, AZ

H. H. Schroeder

The Bronc Rider

Prescott it is! The first rodeo was held there in 1888 and continues to this day...thanks for posting!

Steven M. Dickson

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