Hard Winter

Hard Winter

This week's Cowboy Lore & Legend: Montana Facts features a 'Hard Winter .' Check it out at Stan's blog: bb by Stan Lynde WINTER OF 1886-1887, ONE OF THE WORST IN WESTERN HISTORY, BEGAN AFTER A TWO-YEAR DROUGHT WHICH HAD ALREADY KILLED AND WEAKENED HUNDREDS OF CATTLE ON MONTANA’5 OVER5TOCKED Hard Winter

From the Billings Gazette

From the Billings Gazette

From the Billings Gazette, a great article about the U.S. Marshals Service's send off for Stan before he and Lynda left for Ecuador. bb Some of the text: From the Billings Gazette

The Bodacious Kid

A Review of a Merlin Fanshaw Classic

This is a link to a great review of Stan's first novel, 'The Bodacious Kid.' No doubt 'Beatnik Mary' would appreciate your comments on the book and her review, and so would Stan, so let us all in on your thoughts about this book and any other of Stan's novels that you've read! bb The Bodacious Kid

Stan & Lynda Lynde

A farewell from Stan & Lynda

Well, the time has come for Stan & Lynda's great adventure, and they're leaving very soon for Ecuador. Lynda has written a brief farewell for the fans. You can view it at Stan's blog. We wish you the very best, Stan & Lynda, and are anxious to hear about the customs and sights in Eucador. bb Stan & Lynda Lynde

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Another beautiful Christmas sentiment from Stan, at Stan Lynde's Cowboy Lore & Legend today: Have a safe trip and a thrilling adventure, Stan & Lynda! bb& sb YOU REIN UP ON A HILLTOP OVERLOOKING THE LIGHTS OF HOME. AND YOU TAKE A MOMENT TO LOOK ONCE AGAIN AT THE COLD AND Merry Christmas!

The Big Open

Book Review ~The Billings Gazette

This is a link to a book review from the Billings Gazette about 'The Big Open.' You already knew it was a great read, though, didn't you? :) bb Don't forget Stan will be signing books tomorrow in Billings from noon till 2:00 at The Big Open

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