Explore the Cinematic West

Want to add some marquee moments to your Western travel experience? Take our show-stopping tour of the real-life places where your favorite Western movie scenes were shot.

By Dan Gagliasso

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Behind the Scenes of "Lonesome Dove"

Audiences remember the epic story and timeless character, but the cast and crew who worked behind the scenes remember a whole lot more. Here are some of their stories.

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At Home with Anita La Cava Swift

John Wayne’s granddaughter shares personal memories of her grandfather and how she and many others are helping to carry on his legacy through the fight against cancer.

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At Home with James Pickens Jr.

Hollywood's James Pickens Jr. talks roping, acting, and the importance of giving back.

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The Greatest John Wayne Films

The five films are the best of the best of John Wayne movies!

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Audio Exclusive: Sam Elliott and Val Kilmer Talk "Tombstone"

Contributing editor Amy Herdy recently chatted with both men for the 20th anniversary of the iconic 1993 film. Listen to what they had to say!

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The Lone Ranger Rides Again

When Disney’s The Lone Ranger opens on July 3, a new generation of fans will be introduced to the heroic Texas Ranger and his American Indian compadre. Peter Bronski interviews the main players and evaluates the enduring influence of this great character.

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