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Molly Gets Pissed Off!

I took John’s six-shooter out of its holster and shot the son-of-a-bitch in his right knee, blowing the kneecap all to hell and back. That surprised him, and wiped that snake smile off his face.

American Cowboy Picture

Ranch Dog Goes to Hollywood

Gerhardt Orvedahl spent five months at a Veteran’s hospital in Kansas City in 1930 where he was treated for anemia after a horse fell on him during a riding accident. Orvedahl, recovering and in need of companionship, was given a six week old puppy. Just so happened a pup was born in a hole in a haystack on the Cheyenne Indian Reservation north of the Bad Lands near Faith, South Dakota. Tuffy with Fred MacMurray in Trail of the Lonesome Pine

American Cowboy Picture

Once Upon A Home

How often have you driven the back roads and seen an old pioneer homestead and really thought about it. I have been up and down the Continental Divide this spring and I saw many a place lost and forgotten. The structure is still there, but I wonder, is the spirit of the pioneer still with us? Do we still go wander just to see what is over the next hill. Once Upon A Home!

American Cowboy Picture


Fred Bloch of the Windover Ranch drove his chuck wagon team into Lebanon, Missouri in grand style. In case the natives got restless, his wagon team included outriders bringing up the rear. Fred's chuck wagon joined 12 others at the Kenneth E. Cowan Civic Center Friday afternoon, setting up for the fourth annual Wagons For Warriors event held over the 2014 memorial day weekend.

What is a Cowboy

A cowboy is a man who believes in God, country, family, and horse, in that order. He may count only a few men and women as real friends, but those who have proven themselves with the passage of time are true life-long friends. He's old-fashioned, perhaps, believing in behaviors long past, but he feels the old ways are the best ways.

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