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Customer service

I'm trying to check on my Mother's account. She sent a check to American Cowboy in Nov. 2011 & doesn't think she's getting all the magazines. We have seen new issues in the store that she doesn't have. I tried to call the toll free number for your customer service but it said it was not available at the time. I don't know what to do next. I don't want to give you all the information in this public blog.

New to AC

I have just finished reading my 3rd issue. They all came within a few weeks. I guess they wanted to catch me up on things! though I am not complaining at all. I find myself going back and forth between the issues. I am addicted !
great job. I havent found any articles that havent kept my attention.

Issue with Tom Selleck

I would like to know if I can purchase the issue that had Tom Selleck on the cover? I believe it was the Sept/October 2010 issue? I have just subscribed to send my nephew your magazine, but I would like that issue for myself.

October/November issue

This marks my second issue of reading "American Cowboy" and I'm loving it. I do have a couple of comments on this issue however. First, on page 30, the vote results on "which do you love more, your dog or horse", are unclear. We have two percentages but no label indicating which is which...oh, wait a minute. Looking closely, I can barely perceive there are two colors of text...wow, VERY subtle...TOO subtle.

Second, I've been thinking about getting a knife. I use my little pocket Swiss Army all the time but sometimes wish I had something more substantial. Lo and behold, on page 61 you've got three knives pictured but...no review, no information...what's the point? I'm sure each company website will sing the praises of each knife pictured but I need an experiential review, like you did with the clothing on the pages preceding the "sharpest tool" blurb.

That same stinginess with information could be tacked onto the "5 Old-West Hideaways" feature as well. Perhaps the intention is to drive traffic to each of the websites mentioned but I'd still like more personal insight from the editors or writers.

Otherwise, great magazine, I just sent in my subscription. Thank you!

Mitch Carter
West Hills, CA

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