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John Wayne Wyatt Earp
The Abiding Influence of Wyatt Earp on John Wayne
How much did Wyatt Earp influence John Wayne and the Code of the West?
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John wayne quiz
How well do you know the Duke?
Think you're an expert on everything John Wayne?
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Great Divide
The Long Riders
The Cowboy Quiz
Think you know your Westerns? Try your hand at our tougher-than-leather trivia test.
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"Duke"ing it out
Which of the Duke''s roles—cowboy or soldier—where his greatest?
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photo by Corbis
The Greatest Western Cinema Sidekicks
The big stars get all the recognition, and we think it's time the sidekicks get some credit!
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Print the Legend
“Sometimes history is so difficult to comprehend that we require fiction to make it understandable.” So it goes with the Old West. Several Western films, with no basis in historical fact, may actually capture the spirit of the frontier more effectively than do those movies made about actual people and events.
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The Greatest Western Movie Villains
Movie cowboys can''t be good guys without the bad guys. Here''s our list of the best Western movie villains.
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Ford Tough
The movies of director John Ford crystallized the pioneering spirit that defines our country.
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