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As a late July storm threatens, this bronc and his rider put on a show. Moments later, the horse jumped over the arena fence.
Wilder Cowboy Days
Behind the chutes at Cheyenne Frontier Days.
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Slusher header
Four Sixes Through the Lens of Scott Slusher
Cowboy photographer Scott Slusher shares his modern-day captures of the working cowboys on the historic Four Sixes Ranch.
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Peter Robbins Buster
Classic Cowpunchers
When photographer Peter Robbins puts cowboys and cowgirls in front of a plain white backdrop, the iconic qualities of the West's cowpuncher's truly shine.
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Danny Nestor 1
A Trip West
A retired NYPD detective becomes a cowboy photographer.
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The Boss Lady's View
Images from some of Arizona's biggest outfits.
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Life and Land
Photographing the link between life and land.
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Portrait Perfect
Timeless testaments to ranch life.
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In the Moment
A look at the cowboys of rugged Idaho.
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