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Lost Treasures of the Old West
Pirate treasure in the desert?
Fay Ward
Cowboy Chronicler
Fay E. Ward wrote a treasure trove of cowboy skills and history.
Cattle drive
Trail Broke | Life on a Cattle Drive
In the years following the Civil War, pioneers, freed slaves, and Longhorns flooded Texas. Entrepreneurial...
Camera Cowboy
Photographer Erwin Smith captured the daily lives of Texas Cowboys.
Buckhorn Saloon
Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House | The Oldest Saloon in the Southwest
A tiny, mountain mining town is home to the oldest saloon in the Southwest.
How Artist Jo Mora Captured the American West
Joe Mora explored and chronicled the West.
The Notorious Pearl Hart
In the days of the Old West, Yuma was a hub of development. Even when Spanish explorers came through...
The Life and Legend of Judge Roy Bean
Today, Langtry, Texas, a cliffside town on the Rio Grande, is the residence for merely 12 people and...
Herman Lehmann
The Double Life of Hermann Lehman
Herman Lehmann spent nearly nine years living as an Indian before returning to his family.
The Cattle Queen of Texas: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Johnson Williams
The first woman to ride up the Chisholm Trail with her own brand.
cattle herd moving away with blurry horse ears in foreground
The Outside World | When Social Media Meets the Cowboy Life
How social media impacts the cowboy way of life.
The Big Die-Up
Was this catastrophic event the death of the Old West?
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