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Books of the West: Top 10 Cowboy Reads
These 10 iconic Western books need to be on every cowboy's bookshelf.
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Editor's Pick: November
Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation by Gail Williams and Lex McKenna; published by JA Allen
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Editor's Pick: October
3-Minute Horsemanship by Vanessa Bee
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A Handshake is Enough
The Cowboy Way Through Art and Poetry
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How to swim cattle
From the words of Fay Ward''s The Cowboy at Work(1958), how to safely and successfully swim cattle.
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April Editor's Pick—Considering the Horse by Mark Rashid
In Considering the Horse, acclaimed trainer Mark Rashid delves into what causes the most problems for horses: humans.
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Western Writers of America Announces 2013 Spur Awards
Since 1953, Western Writers of America has recognized the finest in Western literature with the prestigious Spur Awards. Their 2013 winners represent the year''s best in Western writing.
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The Greatest: True Accounts of the Old West
For insight into authentic cowboy culture, these five reads offer true accounts of the Old West. They''re musts for the cowboy library.
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