I’ll be the first to admit, anatomy was never my best class. So it was some trepidation that I picked up Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation. Expecting a dry textbook full of confusing diagrams and vocabulary I’d never understand, I was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting, very readable book full of practical information and exercises. 

We all know that understanding a horse’s anatomy, physiology, and conformation can be useful for everything from predicting their success at a particular discipline to diagnosing head-scratching lameness issues. It’s knowledge that makes you a better horse owner and rider. However, unless you took an equine science class in college, you probably only have a basic understanding of the science of anatomy. 

Through fabulous illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations of how all the part ofhorse fit together, Horse Movement demystifies equine conformation and explains how a horse works, and why. More importantly, the book addresses the ways in which horses don’t work, and the possible causes for their disfunction. Covering everything tendons and ligaments to gait analysis to exercises for the equine athlete and everything in between, this book is a must for riders who want to understand their horses from the inside out. 

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