Lauren Feldman

Illustration of a man looking inside a horse's mouth with inset drawings showing the four age markers.
4 Ways to Age a Horse by His Teeth
No papers? No problem. Use these four markers to age a horse by the condition of his teeth.
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Herman Lehmann
The Double Life of Hermann Lehman
Herman Lehmann spent nearly nine years living as an Indian before returning to his family.
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The Cattle Queen of Texas: Elizabeth “Lizzie” Johnson Williams
The first woman to ride up the Chisholm Trail with her own brand.
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Rodeo Rider
historic cowboy bedroll image
screenshot of John Wayne in Red River
The Top 5 Cattle Drive Movies
Our favorite movies about moving the herd.
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Black and white film shot of the Lone Ranger, Tonto, and their movie horses.
5 Favorite Silver Screen Horses
These favorite horses are Western cinema classics.
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illustration depicted the houlihan thow
Cowboy Up: Houlihan Throw
Useful for long-distance catches, the houlihan is a swing that every working cowboy should know.
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Cattle Drive Positions
Cattle drives require a team of cowboys, each with a specific role.
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photograph of famous war horse Sgt. Reckless
Horses of War
From George Washington's beloved sorrel to a little mare who braved the front lines of the Korean War, here are five unsung equine heroes of war.
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Books of the West: Top 10 Cowboy Reads
These 10 iconic Western books need to be on every cowboy's bookshelf.
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Peter Robbins Buster
Classic Cowpunchers
When photographer Peter Robbins puts cowboys and cowgirls in front of a plain white backdrop, the iconic qualities of the West's cowpuncher's truly shine.
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The Right Step
For Mickey Mussett, losing a job meant finding a dream.
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pony express 1
Lost Skills of the Pony Express
The Pony Express is one of the most enduring stories of the Old West.
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