3-Minute Horsemanship by Vanessa Bee; published by Trafalgar Square Books 

It can be difficult to make time for riding even under the best of circumstances, and with the days getting shorter and shorter, getting a riding and training session in is difficult. There’s only a small slot of time where I can actually work with my horses before it’s pitch black out, so every moment counts. Enter 3-Minute Horsemanship, a fantastic guide to horsemanship that teaches you how to make better use of the limited time you have to spend with your horse. 

And the three minutes claim isn’t just a gimmick—it is absolutely possible to carry out good, progressive training with your horse in that short amount of time. The trick is to have a small, realistic goals that serve as a solid foundation to later training—goals like moving the front feet, standing still, opening a gate, and leading through a narrow gap.

 Each of the exercises build on each other, which ensures that your horse won’t have a gap in their training. The author is clear and concise, and every exercise (35 ground exercises, 24 ridden exercises, and 25 “real world” exercises) is illustrated and explained step by step. I love going into a training session with my horses knowing that even though we may only have 15 minutes, we’re sure to accomplish something. 

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