December Editor’s Pick – A Book on the Making of Lonesome Dove

Without a doubt, my favorite work of fiction is Larry McMurtry’s sprawling Western epic, Lonesome Dove. Its authenticity, unforgettable collection of heroes and outlaws, and portrayal of the Code of the West have made it a permanent fixture on my bookshelf. A Book on the Making of Lonesome Dove will sit right beside it. This handsome coffee table-worthy text takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey into the creation of the book and subsequent miniseries that have drawn millions of fans. A host of lively stories from those involved in the creation of the book and miniseries (including Larry McMurtry, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, and Danny Glover) add a riveting new dimension to the mythic tale, and stunning photographs of the cast, props, costumes, and set designs place you right in the middle of the action. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever dreamed of riding alongside Gus McCrae and Woodrow Call.

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