Julie Mankin

Straight Sixes
Few ranches in America represent the past and present like the 6666.
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All in the Family
This Arizona ranch survived Apaches, outlaws, and droughts.
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A Helluva Time
Known best for its rowdy night rodeo, Caldwell, Idaho, is a true cowboy town... and then some.
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Etbauer carving Linderman legacy
The Linderman Award is the most elusive accolade in professional rodeo. To be named America’s most talented “true” all-around cowboy, the winner has to make phenomenal rides on bucking broncs or bulls and rope or wrestle cattle with blazing speed.
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Broc Cresta, 1987-2012
“Cowboy” was rarely defined more fully than by the late Broc Cresta.
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Sons of the West
Native American ropers are making a big splash in professional rodeo, but some of our best cowboys have always been Indians.
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