Laurel Miller

6 Rules of Good Cowboy Etiquette
With an emphasis on respect, safety, and plain ol' good manners, the rules of cowboy etiquette have been handed down through the generations.
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The Whole Bit
The artistry of Garcia bits and spurs is kept alive at a famous Elko saddlery.
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Kalaupapa Guided Mule Tours
Learn about the mule tours to the rarely traveled Kalaupapa Peninsula.
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The Boots Were Made for Riding
Legendary figures of the Old West, from Sam Houston to Charles Goodnight, loom large in Texas mythology. But there’s something more that puts the Lone Star State—El Paso and Mercedes, in particular—on the global map. Cowboy boots.
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Top Hats
Whether you’re in the saddle or on the dance floor, your lid says a lot about who you are and where you’re from. We picked 12 favorites that would do any cowboy proud.
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Sourdough Biscuits Recipe
Synonymous with the Old West, sourdough was a dietary staple of pioneers, miners, and cowboys.
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Know How: Branding
Used to identify livestock ownership and to protect ranchers from theft, branding has been practiced for thousands of years. While freeze brands, tattoos, and microchips are increasingly popular, old-fashioned fire branding is the most traditional method. Hank Curry, a third-generation cowboy, explains how to make your mark.
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Cowboy Coffee
Arbuckles, bean juice, joe—whatever the name, just make it strong.
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Santa Maria-style BBQ
Taste Central California’s rancho heritage in a succulent cut of meat.
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Navajo fry bread
Taste the pride in this Native American specialty.
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Practiced Restraint: History of the Hobble
Used as a training device or to limit mobility, hobbles help keep horses under control.
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Wild Horses in the Big House
A successful program at a Nevada prison places wild horses in new homes and helps the inmates who train them set new priorities in their lives.
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The Meat of the Matter
Perplexed by the all the labels currently being used to market meat? You’re not alone.
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Winter Warmers
Does a chef who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry find himself naturally drawn to Western cuisine? For Robert Del Grande, no other fare compares. Texas-based chef Del Grande explains his style and shares recipes for hearty cold-weather fare.
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