Lauren Halley

Big Trail Ribs
Like John Wayne in Big Trail, these ribs are ready for a starring role. And an expert chimes in with tips and tricks for cooking the perfect ribs!
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Labor of love
This master boot maker works in the “Amarillo” style.
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Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum Collection sells for $2.9 million
The public was given an opportunity to own part of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans legacy. The auction sold iconic memorabilia including Trigger, hats and boots, even cars to fans. Items sold for more than 10 times the anticipated value.
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Western Performing Arts Society
WWPAS is an organization open to all western enthusiasts. Members spend their time promoting western skills and performing for audiences. Each show is guaranteed to get laughs and gasps as these performers employ comedy and danger mixed with true western skills to captivate audiences nationwide.
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A Piece of the True West
Michael Chandler has collected wagons and other western antiques to create a pioneer campsite just as it was 150 years ago. His property is a perfect picture of Manifest Destiny down the smallest details.
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Thick and Hairy Competition
Facial hair competitions have spread worldwide and across the U.S. Groups are forming and competing with one another to prove who has the best ''stache.
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