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Fay Ward
Cowboy Chronicler
Fay E. Ward wrote a treasure trove of cowboy skills and history.
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Camera Cowboy
Photographer Erwin Smith captured the daily lives of Texas Cowboys.
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Illustration of a man looking inside a horse's mouth with inset drawings showing the four age markers.
4 Ways to Age a Horse by His Teeth
No papers? No problem. Use these four markers to age a horse by the condition of his teeth.
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Cowboy Pride
Can there be too much of a good thing?
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cattle herd moving away with blurry horse ears in foreground
The Big Die-Up
During the winter of 1886–87, hundreds of thousands of cattle across the Great Plains died during "The Big Die-Up." Was this catastrophic event the death of the Old West?
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The Rancher's Wife
The life of Evelyn Mantle was much like other frontier women’s—hard and lonely, yet rewarding—except hers was in the 20th century.
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