So, I bought a colt. In my current profession as an editor, I don’t really have time for one, but I did it anyway. Sometimes I forgo my better judgment when it comes to horseflesh.

Regardless, it’s an exciting endeavor. He’s got the kind of bloodlines that fit my style, he’s made right, has a good disposition and, so far, a willing attitude. 

Yet, no matter what his ultimate potential is, he remains a project. I’ll need to call on friends for advice, spend countless hours with him and dampen many a saddle blanket to turn in to the horse you want to catch when it’s time to get a job done.

I expect he’ll teach me many lessons along the way. After all, it’s been more than a few years since I swung my leg over a two-year-old. As a matter of fact, he’s already teaching me some lessons and providing me some perspective.

As we launch this redesigned website, everyone on the American Cowboy team is extremely excited. Our digital team has done a wonderful job in the preparation. Like my colt’s bloodlines, this new design and functionality should fit American Cowboy’s style. Really, the sky is the limit for this new website.

We realize, though, that it’s going to require no small amount of work to get it there. We’ll need help from you, the user, to make sure we’re getting the content you want posted. We’ll also need to put in the hours it will take to upload archived content and develop new, exclusive content you’ll find only on 

Before too long, though, I suspect it’ll be the website you’ll seek out when you want the kind of information that matters to you most.


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