Bucking bulls have been part of the Drury family long before Addi Drury was born.

Her father, Chad, started sheep riding, transitioned to calves and then later to bucking bulls. Chad met his wife and Addi’s mom, Jenny, when she became part owner of a bull he owned named Deal of the Day.Sign Up to Get Alerts When New HorseWeek.tv Docs Drop

As if foreshadowing the bond that would come later with her daughter and a very special bull, Jenny would come visit the bull she co-owned with Chad every weekend. Jenny jokes that she fell in love with the bull long before she fell in love with Chad.

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“She said she would marry me so she could own all of Deal of the Day, not just half,” Chad laughed.

Like her mother, young Addi Drury forged a friendship with a bull. Addi’s bull, Hard Labor, was born to a first-calf heifer. It was a hard labor for the heifer, and so the aptly named bull required bottle feeding and a nurse cow. Addi helped with the young calf’s care, spending all her free time with him. Over time, it became apparent that Addi’s interest in Hard Labor was more than just bucking—they were friends.

“I made my dad promise we would never sell him,” Addi said.

Fortunately, Hard Labor turned out to be a talented bucking bull. Though Addi had never shown any particular interest in bucking bulls or flanking before, Hard Labor was her bull, and she wanted to flank him. Hard Labor traveled to many competitions and futurities, and Addi went with him, flanking him at each. Addi and the young bull had a very successful 3-year-old year, winning several events.


“She’s not winning against little kids,” Jenny said. “She was winning against some of the top stock contractors in the world. At that time, she was an eleven-year-old girl beating all these grown men. Addi didn’t think anything about it. She just knew her boy Hard Labor went out there and did his thing. She was proud of him.”

Eventually Hard Labor’s winning ways lead all the way to the PBR World Finals. Addi was ecstatic to see her best friend be able to buck on the big stage. Want to find out the results of Hard Labor’s PBR debut and where the best friend duo are today? Watch “The Love of Hard Labor” presented by Cinch during Horse Week, on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022 on HorseWeek.tv!


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