American Cowboy contributing editor Amy Herdy recently interviewed Hank Jr. and Hank III for American Cowboy’s most recent collector’s issue Legends: Country and Western Music. An exclusive audio clip of Hank III’s interview is below.

The collector’s issue is available right now on for $13.99, which includes shipping.

True to its name, the entire issue is about country and cowboy music legends, including Johnny Cash, Michael Martin Murphy, Patsy Cline, a new generation of authentic Western singers, and much more!

In Herdy’s full story, “My Daddy’s Name,” you’ll learn the answer to burning questions such as:

How did Hank Jr. and Hank III step out from their father’s shadow?

Just how much pressure is it to carry on the Hank Williams name?

What is the future of the Hank Williams legacy?

Meanwhile, for your listening pleasure, here’s Hank III. Enjoy!

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