Cowboys would be nothing without a pair of sturdy, durable jeans. And while many, many denim labels have stepped up to meet this need, not all brands are the same. The Wranglers and Cinchs of the Western world are ubiquitous and known for their quality textiles, yet pull on some other brands, and break down under actual ranch work.

Founded in 2002 in Santa Monica, Calif., Agave Jeans are constructed with Supima cotton, one of the world’s greatest cottons. The Supima cotton is farmed in California’s San Joaquin Valley and comprised of the longest and finest fibers, making it supremely tough and well suited for sturdy jeans.

“Agave started with a mission to produce the most beautiful, authentic looking jeans,” said Owner and Designer Jeff Shafer of his men’s and women’s lines. His diverse styles attract denim lovers ranging from cattle-roping cowboys to full-fledged fashionistas.

Each Agave Jeans style is named after a different, Southern Californian geographical influence. For example, the Vaquera Isla Vista Flex is a slim fitting women’s jean whose name represents the historical Spanish and Mexican inhabitancy of the area. The Waterman Capistrano Vintage is a stonewashed men’s jean whose name reflects the location of a popular California surf spot. The company’s popular boot-cut cowboy jean has been redesigned and is being reintroduced this spring.

Agave Jeans are sold in over 500 specialty boutiques across the United States and Canada, and their company is known for creative marketing campaigns, like its partnership with Tesla Motors. The electric sports car manufacturer reached out to Agave to create an air of exclusivity and to outfit its employees in high quality denim uniforms.

Compared to other California lifestyle brands like Gap, Inc., Patagonia and Topo Ranch, Agave’s motives are similar, stressing the importance of how products are made in terms of customer needs and environmental sustainability. Through their shared motives, however, Agave maintains its uniqueness through a meticulous manufacturing process that promises product authenticity and longevity.

Shafer infuses all of his products with the spirit of the great American outdoors due to a youth spent as what he likes to call a “Surf Cowboy”. Adventuring throughout Southern California, trespassing through ranches and private property to find the best surf spots, Shafer considers himself a tamer of a different frontier but a cowboy nonetheless.

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