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Monument Valley, AZ/UT

Brackettville, TX

The Black Hills, SD

Jackson Hole, WY

Ridgway and Ouray, Colo.

Those magical moments—they live forever. Moments of cinematic splendor, as heroes and heroines, backdropped by the most magnificent Western vistas ever filmed, played out scenes that will always be a part of the American experience.

The classic Western films had it all—romance, high adventure, drama, history, ruggedness, passion, action, suspense—and beauty. And what made it all the more beautiful was the world’s greatest stage—the American West itself.

It can all come back to life again. Those places are still out there. And because they’re in the West, most are still unspoiled. Someone looking for travel destinations couldn’t ask for more—it was these incredible places that first attracted the fim scouts of old, and that bring new filmmakers still. Perhaps no places on earth are more picturesque.

We’ve gone back and rediscovered the magic that was our favorite Westerns. You can, too. Come along as we visit the locations that brought the magic to life.

Dan Gagliasso
is an award winning documentary film director/producer and screenwriter. A past recipient of the Western Writers of America Spur Award, he rode bulls on the amateur rodeo circuit during his college years.

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