Team Roping 101

By Kayla Starnes (Trafalgar Square Books, available at

Looking to get competition ready for team roping? This basic, step-by-step guide is endorsed by the United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC) and will help you get started. Starnes and contributing professional instructors methodically outline the sport from A to Z: equipment, tack, horsemanship tips, roping techniques, strategies, handicapping, etc. The book even begins with a glossary of terminology, so aspiring competitors can talk the talk (and understand what they’re reading).

Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle

By Heather Smith Thomas (Story Publishing,

Part of a multi-book series on how to raise many different kinds of livestock (pigs, chickens, etc.), this book on raising beef is valuable for seasoned ranchers and newbies alike. Thomas is very scientific and presents exacting management techniques for producing beef cattle. This business can be complicated and risky, but you’ll learn the animal’s biology, behavior, sensitivities, and health needs in order to cultivate and care for a flourishing, profitable cattle herd.

Shelters, Shacks and Shanties and How To Make Them

By D.C. Beard (Skyhorse Publishing,

The construction of cabins, teepees, backwoods shelters, and barrel shacks; ladders, doors, and locks; and fireplaces and roofing is outlined practically from start to finish with instructions fit for builders of just about any skill level. Beard was one of the founders of Boy Scouts of America, and he weaves in the history and fun facts about each kind of shelter. This book is part of the publisher’s how-to series that includes Fences, Gates and Bridges, and Barns and Outbuildings

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