Calling all Western Wordsmiths!

We know you’ve got that song in your heart that’s just waiting for you to put pen to paper. Not only could you win the first-ever Rockin’ WR Poetry Contest, you could have the chance to share your winning poem with your fellow cowboy community on stage at our inaugural Rock’n Western Rendezvous!

Here’s a few of our favorites, so far: 

“Cowboy Legacy”, by Ken Howry 2015—A Cowboy in the Kingdom

Son, “A true cowboy lives by the Golden Rule
Over time it’s past the test
Tries to mind to his own business
Let others do what they think best

He believes in The Creator
And that He left us here in charge
Of the things that He created
From the smallest to the large

That mankind was created equal
And all give a full account
For the way that we have used our days
Of that there is no doubt

If it ain’t yers, don’t touch it
Don’t ride ahead of the boss
Always defend a ladies honor
Protect the weak at any cost

Saddle yer own pony
Lend a helpin’ hand
Fight for God and Country
And respect yer fellow man

Don’t tolerate a bully
Or evil of any kind
A tall tree and a short rope
Will stop a lot of crime

Feed a stranger if they’re hungry
Help yer neighbor when in need
Maintain yer gates and fences
Hold on tightly to yer creed

Cause soon enough this life is over
And if yer ridin’ for The Brand
He’ll throw The Gate wide open” and say,
”Cowboy… ya sure ‘nuff made a hand!”


“Wisdom?”, by Lynn F. Kopelke 2015

The young cowhand said, “Hey, old man,”
Whilst sittin’ round the fire,
“Strikes me your mind has nuggets to pan,
Words of wisdom that could serve to inspire.”
The old man grinned and cocked an eye.
Wrinkled up his face even more.
‘Said, “Son, most of my learnin’ was done on the fly
Whilst gettin’ wide burnt and saddle sore.
The lessons I learnt didn’t come from no book
Nor were they taught to me by others.
I had to use my eyes to see not just to look.
Some I’da skipped, given my druthers.
Just start out by gettin’ up every day.
Work hard. Do the best you can.
Try and be kind in what you do and say.
Keep a deep seat and a gentle hand.
Live long enough to find out on your own
What it take to do the right thing.
Make it a habit even when you’re alone.
That’ll get you through what life may bring.
If you survive this will be your first sign
That you have found your wisdom. You see,
You’ll be sittin’ round a campfire somewhere on down the line
Not asking advice from an old fool like me.

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