Sherry Cervi is a four-time world champion barrel racer and an 18-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier with more than $3 million in lifetime earnings. “The hardest part of rodeoing for me is being on the road,” Cervi says. “I love being home. But I also love running barrels, and having the opportunity to do what I love is great.”

Saddle Pads and Leg Protection
I use a Classic Equine 100-percent wool felt pad with a Classic Equine Navajo pad over the top of it. I use the Classic Legacy boots, front and back. I think they give great protection and support. The way the strap comes around the ankle supports the horse’s tendons and ligaments.

The hat is a Resistol. The feather is from the NFR. The barrel racers wore those in honor of Nancy Hunter’s Glitter Like Gold childhood cancer awareness campaign. The purple ribbon represents pancreatic cancer, which is what Nancy had. (Editor’s note: Hunter lost her battle with cancer on March 12.)

This is a Martin Saddle, the Crown C line, which is my branded line. I worked with Martin on this line and I like the way it sits on a horse and where it places my feet. I can get up and move forward in it, or I can sit down. It allows me to move freely. This breast collar is pretty fancy for me, but it’s a Martin too. I like how narrow it is.

I’ve use these three leather over-and-unders. A couple of them were gifts and Martin Saddlery made me one for the 2013 NFR. The beadwork really dresses them up.

That’s a Resistol by Sherry Cervi brand shirt, a line they did for me. They’ve got a little bit longer shirttail that stays tucked in while you’re riding. The sleeves are a little longer. I really like them, they’ve done a really good job.

I don’t have a jeans sponsor, so I get to wear whatever I want. These are Cinch jeans and I like the way the fit. These are Adas.

Boots and Spurs
My boots are full-quill ostrich Justins. They’re comfortable and I can wear them all day. They have leather soles and I like the way they fit. These spurs were made by Gordy Alderson. I’ve known him all my life and he makes great;

Bit and Headstall
This is a two-piece twisted snaffle with a little bit of a gag and a short shank. It’s made by Carolina Bits. That whole setup—headstall and bit—was Stingray’s (her signature horse from the 2013 world title run). Arson gets to borrow it. Danyelle Campbell made the headstall. She does a really good job. The reins are Classic Equine braided harness leather.;;

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