Surf and Turf Kebabs

From the kitchen of the Cowboy Cook, Jeff Tracy, is this awesome recipe for Surf and Turf Kebabs. It only requires a few ingredients, is easy to cook up, and will definitely impress everyone at the table.


* 3 lbs. beef flanken-style ribs ends

* 1 lb. Jumbo gulf prawns

Cherry tomatoes

Yellow bell pepper

Garlic salt

Black Pepper


This is a very easy recipe. Just remember that the prawns will cook much faster than the beef so grill the beef as per the directions below.

* Grill ribs about 2-minutes per side, until cooked most of the way through. Remove from grill.

Add prawns (alternate prawns with beef) with yellow pepper and tomato on skewer. Season for your own taste buds. Place back on grill for another 1-2 minutes per side.

Squeeze the juice from ½ of a fresh orange over the Kebab about thirty seconds before removing from the grill. It adds a wonderful flavor.

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