Gathering Remnants (2005)

Directed by Kendall Nelson

This documentary’s many accolades are well earned; it’s a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to those who make their living on horseback. Through multiple interviews with working cowboys and cowgirls, Gathering Remnants does a fantastic job of articulating the cultural importance of Western values and traditions.

American Mustangs (2013)

Directed by Monty Miranda

Fiction and documentary are powerfully blended in this award-winning film to communicate the complicated issues surrounding the management of wild horses.

Losing the West (2013)

Directed by Alex Warren

Through the eyes of 70-year-old Colorado cowboy Howard Linscott, this documentary takes a critical look at the threats facing the West and what can be done to save natural resources and the cowboy way of life.

Ridin’ For the Brand (2013)

Directed by Stephanie Alton

Ridin’ For the Brand follows three old-time Montana families in an honest and unflinching portrait of the realities of family ranching. More than a celebration of the cowboy way of life, this documentary also explores the disconnect between agriculture’s producers and its city-dwelling consumers.

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde (2013)
Directed by Suzanne Mitchell

Running Wild chronicles the incredible life and efforts of Dayton O. Hyde, a World War II soldier, conservationist, and award-winning writer. Despite his age, Hyde takes on massive corporations to preserve the Western landscape and its wild inhabitants.

Hanna Ranch (2014)

Directed by Mitch Dikman

Critically acclaimed by ranchers and environmentalists alike, the award-winning Hanna Ranch documents the efforts of visionary cattleman Kirk Hanna to preserve his way of life in the face of burgeoning land development. The film thoroughly covers a complex story where land, family, and tradition intersect.

Currently in Production

Down the Fence (projected 2016 release)

Directed by Lori Adamski-Peek and MJ Isakson

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the making of Down the Fence is well underway. This documentary will follow horse trainers on their journey to the National Reined Cowhorse Association’s Snaffle Bit Futurity. It promises to explore the origins of the discipline, the enduring human-animal bond, and the passion and perseverance of the reined cowhorse community.

A Handful of Dust (projected 2016 release)

Directed by Allen Birnbach

Noted photographer Allen Birnbach brings his artistic eye to what promises to be a visually stunning documentary about the challenges ranchers must overcome if they want to see their way of life survive.

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