a) Hyde Bags black and white cowhide bag, www.hydebags.com

b) Cripple Creek concho-studded and laced handbag, www.sidraninc.com

c) Trail of Painted Ponies Anasazi Spirit Horse handbag, www. trailofpaintedponies.com

d) American West Victorian Grace bag, www.americanwest.cc

e) Corral Boot Co. butterfly purse, www.corralboots.com

f) Scully Sportswear, Inc. tooled leather handbag, www.scullyinc.com

g) Bag by M. Andonia, www.mandonia.com

h) Indigo Cowgirl concho belt and cuff , www.indigocowgirl.com

i) Pat Dahnke flask, www.patdahnke.com

j) Paige Wallace Designs rose buckle and leather belt, www.krsaddleshop.com

k) American West Victorian Grace tri-fold wallet

l) Scully leather clutch, www.scullyleather.com

m) Vegas Nights French wallet, American West

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