a) VEST Schaefer Ranchwear Shannon vest, www.schaeferranchwear.com BLOUSE Scully cross with studs and embroidery, www.scullyinc.com JEANS Wrangler Jackson Twenty X low-rise, www.wrangler.com

b) VEST Cruel Girl Jeans black nylon vest with zebra-print lining, cruelgirl.com HOODIE Roper pull-over hoodie, eroper.com JEANS Wrangler cowgirl cut riding jeans

c) JACKET Walls Ranchwear brushed duck fiber fill insulated jacket, www.walls.com SHIRT Roper Henley in ribknit JEANS Cowgirl Tuff cross bootcut denim, www.cowgirltuffco.com

d) VEST Scully vest with faux fur trim TOP Ariat Ventura lace top, www.ariat.com SCARF Stetson printed gauze scarf, www.stetson.com JEANS Wrangler Q-Baby riding jeans

e) JACKET Sidran Cripple Creek studded leather, www.sidraninc.com SHIRT Cowgirl Justice Guns & Roses burnout tee, www.cowgirljustice.com JEANS Panhandle Slim Rock & Roll cowgirl, www.pslim.com

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