History of Saddle Decoration
From the very beginning of their creation, saddles have been decorated with embellishments to show off wealth, status, and personality.
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The Whole Bit
The artistry of Garcia bits and spurs is kept alive at a famous Elko saddlery.
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History of the Pickup Truck
An all-American innovation, the pickup truck gave ranchers another trusted and versatile workhorse on the range.
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America's Best of the West Gift Guide
To honor the companies that invest in America, we gathered all the great products we''re longing for now—from boots and hats to jeans, buckles, and shirts. Put your money where your heart is: Buy "Made in the U.S.A.!"
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The Boots Were Made for Riding
Legendary figures of the Old West, from Sam Houston to Charles Goodnight, loom large in Texas mythology. But there’s something more that puts the Lone Star State—El Paso and Mercedes, in particular—on the global map. Cowboy boots.
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Top Hats
Whether you’re in the saddle or on the dance floor, your lid says a lot about who you are and where you’re from. We picked 12 favorites that would do any cowboy proud.
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2013 Boots
Whether for work, dress, or play, we have the top-pick cowboy boots to add to your closet. These cowboy boots will take you from the arena to the boardroom and everywhere in-between.
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Labor of love
This master boot maker works in the “Amarillo” style.
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The mad hatter
The hat designs of Kaci Riggs combine classic Western style with runway chic.
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Rock and rowel
Spurs, in all shapes and sizes, have long been essential to Western horsemen.
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The Cowboy Christmas List
We went shopping for the cowboys and cowgirls in our lives and selected the season''s newest and most original clothes and accessories.
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Where'd it come from: John Wayne's Screenplays
Sometimes the stories from behind the scenes are as interesting as the movies themselves.
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Corb Lund, "Cabin Fever" review
Corb Lund and the Hurtin'' Albertans push the boundaries of country music—and the result is superb.
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Gun Reviews
It’s rare that a rancher rides his property without some means of varmint control, and recreational shooting is more popular than ever. We tested and reviewed 12 handpicked firearms—a broad blend of old and new—all with Western flair.
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The Master: Coach Builder Doug Hansen
Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop (605-996-8754, in Letcher, S.D., custom builds and repairs wagons, buggies, and coaches.
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