For most of us who are a part of Western culture and keep an eye on its events and happenings, we know Cheyenne, Wyoming, as home to the “Daddy of ’Em All.” Cheyenne Frontier Days is the largest outdoor rodeo in the country, has a 126-year history that’s going strong, and—in Cheyenne—is considered its own season in Cheyenne.

So, if you happen to get to Cheyenne during the event, by all means, go. You’ll have a blast.

But here’s the secret: If you’re in Cheyenne outside of CFD-season, go. You’ll have a blast.

Meet the Community

At every turn, the folks of Cheyenne were warm and welcoming, and know how to have a good time! Head to these hotspots to get in on the local vibe:

  • From June–August, Fridays on the Plaza are mostly on Friday nights at 5:30 p.m. at the Depot Plaza, the hub of Cheyenne’s downtown. Each week features music from a different band, along with various vendors selling food, soft drinks and beer.
  • Speaking of beer, Cheyenne offers a number of quality Breweries that shouldn’t be missed. Order a flight, grab a table, and yak it up with your neighbor about which brew hits the spot for you.
  • If your partner riding shotgun on this particular adventure has a few years to go before brew tours make the list of things to do, Cheyenne has a host of Family-friendly Outings for travelers of all ages.

Get in Touch with the Old West

As an early Hell-on-Wheels town in Dakota Territory, Western legends abound in Cheyenne, where the community embraces their Old West heritage and serves it on a silver platter to those who wish to partake in it.

  • From the cowboys and cowgirls who make up 126 years (and counting) of rodeo history to Spaghetti Western movie stars, tales of the iron horse that date back to its 1867 arrival, and the stunning fortitude of the Wyoming women who shaped the West as we know it, Cheyenne’s Museums are what dreams are made of for Western history buffs.
  • Hop a ride through downtown for a narrated Historic Tour. Locals share historical facts and thrilling tales from Cheyenne’s wild past, including tales about Tom Horn, the early cattle barons, and the tunnels beneath the city.

Dinner Tables and Dance Floors

No matter your fancy, you can find it in Cheyenne.

  • When you’re ready to break in those new boots, head to these Local Watering Holes and two-step the night away.

Take the West with You

Western Retailers help us integrate Western culture, fashions, and traditions into our modern-day lives. From one-of-a-kind cowboy finds at the local flea markets and thrift stores to Western apparel and home furnishings, cowboy treasures and trappings are easy to come by in Cheyenne.

Unpack Your Bedroll

Let’s face it, a quality place to sleep is integral to a memorable journey. And no matter the type of adventure you’re on, Cheyenne has accommodations to match.

  • The Cheyenne experience doesn’t end when you turn in for the night. Rather, area Hotels use the city’s history and turn-of-the-last-century architecture to inspire accommodations that maintain the City of the Plains’ story, while offering guests the comforts of warm hospitality and modern amenities.
  • If Camping out under the stars is more in line with the Cheyenne adventure you’re planning, you’re in luck. Outdoor recreation in the form of fishing, horseback riding, archery, and more are available, in addition to designated tent and RV spots, not to mention, opportunities for dispersed camping.

Vedauwoo Recreation Area
Forest Rd. 720

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