The historic train whistles its arrival at the Williams, Arizona, depot, and your family toots its own wooden whistles in anticipation of the 65-mile, scenic journey to the Grand Canyon. “All aboard,” the conductor calls, and everyone fights for a front row seat to view the pine-studded desert. A cowboy serenades, and a crew member shares a history lesson with you while the train rocks and rolls along the track. Suddenly you’re interrupted by a shootout, and you’re smack dab in the middle of a recreated train robbery on the popular Grand Canyon Railway, an experience with something to offer for all ages.

Your Wild West-themed family adventure begins with a train ride to the Grand Canyon. Upon arrival, you can choose to enroll the kids in a Junior Ranger program, which includes plenty of activities to keep them busy, take a guided tour along the rim, or simply explore the national park at your own pace. Some packages include narrated motorcoach tours of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Serious hikers can trek to the bottom of the Canyon, while the grandparents take a leisurely walk around the rim. Start with the IMAX Theater at the National Geographic Visitor Center and end with a helicopter ride into the canyon. This national park offers families plenty of opportunities to enjoy time together—or apart.

Select a rail package that includes lodging at the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel as well as accommodations in the park. Other options include the Grand Canyon Railway RV Park.

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