Looking for a Jamaican destination wedding with a little Western flare? Check out Braco Stables, a former sugar plantation that has been restored and turned into an 85 acre tourist destination like no other.

Located on the northwest side of the island, it offers spectacular views and amazing outdoor activities, everything from hiking and to riding a horse into the ocean. While Braco has only just ventured into the wedding market in Spring 2012, they’ve received great reviews.

In the Braco Stables: Traveler Reviews blog, one couple wrote, “We were the first couple to ever have Braco Stables organize and host a wedding. They did a fantastic job, going above and beyond our wildest dreams and expectations.” For honeymooners, they offer a special sunset horseback ride.

Whether looking for a wedding destination, honeymoon spot, or just a vacation, check out Braco Stables for an adventure. www.bracostables.com.jm

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