On Feb. 17, 1906, the first-ever “Trial of the Century” began in Caldwell, Idaho. The trial was the result of the illegal kidnapping of three union miners involved in the death of an Idahoan governor and attracted celebrities and tourists alike. 

The anniversary of the event has inspired a look back at Idaho through the pages of American Cowboy magazine. Follow the links below to discover a rich and cultural cowboy history that exists still today.

A Helluva Time: Caldwell today is just as lively and entertaining as it was more than 100 years ago. Julie Mankin gives us the insider’s view on who to know, what to do, and where to eat.

Ride Like a Girl: Read about the famed early cowgirls, including Idaho’s Bonnie McCarroll.

Moscow, Idaho: This brief snapshot offers a history of Idaho’s Appaloosas.

The Vaquero: The Great Basin and its buckaroos contribute significantly to Idaho’s cowboy culture. Read about their history here.

Riding with the Devil: The owners at Heaven’s Gate Outfitters near Riggins, Idaho, consider the ranch to be their slice of paradise—even if it is located at the mouth of Hell’s Canyon. Plan your next pack trip here to experience Idaho’s heavenly landscape for yourself.

The McGarry Ranch: One reader shares the story of her favorite Idaho ranch from the saddle.

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