Oklahoma carries on an incredible tradition of cowboy culture today, in great thanks to its deep roots in Old West history. It hosts many of our favorite events each year, like the Western Heritage Awards, and some that are held close to our hearts, like this April’s 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. 

In honor of Oklahoma’s authentic cowboy legacy, we’ve gathered some articles to share this great state’s story with you.

Oklahoma Red—This feature story takes you to the heart of it all in Oklahoma City.

It Happened Here: Eufaula, Okla.—Some pretty remarkable ladies (good and bad) have come out of the West, and Belle Starr is no exception.

It Happened Here: Stockyards City—Did you know Oklahoma’s cattle history dates back to the 1500s?!

3 Days in OKC—We break the city down for you with this tidy 3-day itinerary.

Top Halls of Fame—Well they’re not all in Oklahoma, but guess who claims the #1 spot!

Annie Oakley Society is Born—A few years back, the former first lady of Oklahoma created this society to honor the accomplishments of the remarkable women that are still populating the West.

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