SnapShot: Trinidad, Colo.

Colorado's cattle kingdom of the 1800s maintains as a hub of Western heritage.

Cattle Kingdom: Trinidad, Colo., was founded in 1862 and was soon home to 1,200 people. It being the heyday of cattle drives, the city was headquarters for three major cattle companies: Prairie Land and Cattle, Bloom Land and Cattle, and the Matador Ranch. Together, these companies managed hundreds of thousands of cattle from Texas to Montana. 

Heritage Hub: Trinidad hit its stride early and has preserved its Western charm through its Victorian homes and redbrick road downtown area. Visitors are afforded a convincing glimpse into the past when visiting the Trinidad History Museum, where they can learn about Bat Masterson’s days as town marshal, too-oft visits from Billy the Kid, and can see a Bloom Cattle Co. chuck box. The Mitchell Museum and the Bloom Mansion are also not to miss. 

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