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Myth or reality: Cactus can save your life
Does anyone know the answer to this old saw? Is it really true what you've seen in a hundred old westerns, where a parched cowboy lives to fight another day by drinking from a cactus? Can you really cut one open and drink its juice to stay alive if you're lost in the desert and out of water? I've heard that the juice--if there is any--is too viscous to quench a thirst.
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Wild horses: Shoot 'em or save 'em?
The Associated Press reports this morning that the Bureau of Land Management is investigating the shooting deaths of a small number of mustangs that had been part of a free-roaming herd on BLM land in Nevada. The horses were spotted by a helicopter pilot during a roundup about 120 miles north of Reno.
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If the hat fits...
Loving my new cowboy hat from Greeley Hat Works here in Colorado (it's the one in my picture). I got it a month ago at the company's booth at the PBR fan zone in Vegas while I was there for the bull-riding finals.
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