Loving my new cowboy hat from Greeley Hat Works here in Colorado (it’s the one in my picture). I got it a month ago at the company’s booth at the PBR fan zone in Vegas while I was there for the bull-riding finals. After wearing an uncomfortable, ill-fitting, headache-producing hat for years, I finally took the plunge and got an expert from Greeley to do a custom-fitting with one of their mid-range hats — and it made all the difference. This is the most comfortable hat of any type I’ve worn, and it looks good (or so my wife says).

The fitting was pretty easy, and took about twenty minutes. The first part involved a medieval-looking device that fit over my head and allowed the Greeley hat experts to build a model of the shape of my head. It turns out that I have a very misshaped melon, especially in the right front. Trouble in childbirth? Too much force with the forceps? Who knows, but the drawing spurred much hilarity around the booth.

Can’t recommend a custom-fitting enough, and love my Greeley lid. Check em out at www.greeleyhatworks.com.

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