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Once Upon a Time in Italy—Spaghetti Western Roundup
(This excellent article by Alex Cox ran in the New York Times on June 6, 2012.)
Cowboy Elvis sells for $37 million
This from Erik Hayden of It has nothing on Orange, Red, Yellow — the abstract painting that...
Cowboy, Rodeo, Clown, American Cowboy
Rodeo Clown Reunion—Sheridan, Wyo.
The laughable, photographable band of former rodeo clowns, bullfighters and barrelmen will arrive in...
Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys
Anyone who loves Quarter Horses needs to read this New York Time article: "Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys:...
Denver's Best Hotels
In January, I spent some time in Denver, Colorado, at the Great National Western Stock Show (
KNOW HOW: Stampede String
Subscriber Cari Brown from Airway Heights, Wash., wrote me a letter recently asking about how to attach...
Whisker Wars!
I stow the shears and often grow a beard in winter to stay warm, but this is something completely different......
Managing cattle for altitude sickness
This article about altitude sickness in cattle (a.k.a. brisket disease) by Dan Frosch ran August 1 in...
"Gunsmoke" actor James Arness dead at 88
The letter below was posted today by Janet Arness, widow of "Gunsmoke" actor James Arness. He died today...
May Newsletter #2
The staff at American Cowboy, based in Boulder, Colo., is paying close attention to the outbreak of the...
Meek's Cutoff
An interesting new Western debuted this weekend. Meek's Cutoff is a solid, if spooky, addition to the...
Radio Rodina
I recently had a chance to speak with Ernie Rodina of "Better Horses Radio" (
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