The laughable, photographable band of former rodeo clowns, bullfighters and barrelmen will arrive in Sheridan, Wyoming, for their Rodeo Clown Reunion, July 11th through the 14th during the annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo. These laugh-getters and cowboy-savers will stir up the town with their colorful costumes and individual make-up along with their strange sense of humor. In addition to signing autographs, performing and joking with the spectators at the rodeo, they will also be attending various venues in and around Sheridan during the week.

Many of these characters come from an era when a rodeo clown had to ‘do it all’. A rodeo hired him to fight bulls during the bull riding event, but otherwise, he was there to entertain the spectators, which included acts, often involving animals, and an array of spontaneous humorous antics. This often required the rodeo clown to travel with a trailer chocked full of props and animals.

Today’s rodeo has changed and rodeo clowns are specialists. The bullfighters are hired to protect the riders during the bull riding and distract the bull, and the barrelman works the barrel during the bull riding. The barrelman, or a funnyman is often hired to entertain the audience with jokes and ridiculous antics during the rest of the performance.

The Rodeo Clown Reunion is held to honor these former rodeo performers and let them know how much they are appreciated for their many years in the arena. For the community these men, and one woman, will entertain and visit with fans and share stories about days gone by. These ‘characters’ from yesteryear had one of the most paradoxical professions around. They come in all sizes and shapes but one common thread runs through their lives – they have the ability to see the ridiculous in all kinds of situations.

The Reunion began in 1974 in Roseburg, Oregon, and is held on a ‘sometimes’ annual basis or every-other year at a PRCA rodeo somewhere in the country. Be sure and put this rodeo and Reunion on your “to do” list for July. It is a great photo opportunity and lots of fun for everyone.

The Honorees will arrive from around the nation, including New York, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, North and South Dakota, Montana, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon and Colorado. The Reunion is truly a great photo opportunity for everyone. You won’t want to miss it. For information regarding the Rodeo Clown Reunion contact Gail Woerner at 512-266-1001 or email: For information regarding tickets to the Sheridan WYO Rodeo call 307-672-9715 or go to their website:

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