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No one clothing item speaks to the cowboy way of life and is as instantaneously recognizable as the cowboy hat. Built for function yet crafted with styling that provides its owner a unique persona quickly identified worldwide. A persona that is addictive to those that live it, yet rooted in generations of hard working cowboys and cowgirls that have shaped the frontier and beyond.

So here’s where you can help me.

I am in search of a new cowboy hat and could use your “on the head” experience in my selection. I am not biased, so the low priced to the high, from straw to fur to palm to ???. You name it.

In order to select this perfect hat, I want to know more from you, the AC Community, what is your favorite cowboy hat and why?

Is there a hat that is characterized or developed for a particular region? If so, please tell us more.

Is there a particular hat that work best for cowboying or other work? What about one for hitting the town? Or even one for getting dressed up for a big event?

What material and why?

I truly appreciate your feedback and will be certain to notify you of my selection and the logic behind it.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and happy trails!

The Gear Guy

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