The boys are the fifth generation to grow up on Beatty Canyon Ranch, a family-run cattle operation on the southeastern plains of Colorado, an hour away from anything.

Their parents, Arin and Brady, have a long history in rodeo (Arin competed in college, and Brady is a world champion Ranch Rodeo Bronc Rider—Ranch Rodeo is the rodeo where contestants must come from a real working ranch).

The couple still compete as team ropers when they’re not too busy working on the ranch, which has become more of a challenge in recent years. The ongoing drought has affected the cost of feed, and like ranchers everywhere, their herd numbers are down. To earn extra money, the couple help Arin’s parents, Steve and Joy Wooten, who have begun putting up folks at the ranch as a bed and breakfast, rugged-style. It started with hunters who wanted a place to stay while pursuing the area’s Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and then some artists who wanted to capture the local color asked if they could stay, too, and one thing led to another.

Meanwhile, they focus on raising their boys the Cowboy way. Tell has just started to ride, while Bray has graduated from the babysitter horse to one where he practices his rollbacks. Horses are essential to life on the ranch, where Brady uses a draft team to bring hay to the cattle:

Brady says they’ll let Bray compete in kid’s rodeo this summer. He was old enough last summer, but they were being cautious. You see, Bray is blind in his right eye—the result of a tumor that presses on his optic nerve. It’s non-operable, but so far it doesn’t threaten his life, or slow him down. They take him to Denver on a regular basis to have it checked.

The videos were shot by horseman, writer and farrier Keith Jacobson. If you like them and want to see more about Bray and Tell, let us know by hitting “like” on Facebook and by sharing the link to their story on our website.

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