Jared Johnson works for the Rocker B Ranch, on their Whoodoo Camp, near Big Lake, Texas. When not punching cows or starting colts, he slips off to town for ranch bronc ridings. Earlier this year, he won the preliminary and final rounds of the Tom Butler Memorial Bronc Riding in Post, Texas, for a total score of 154 points on two head (pictured). His bib and tucker for the bronc riding—which is basically the same as his everyday garb—is shown below. 

Guy Spikes Custom Boots, Seymour, Texas.

Rodeo King straw hat.

I wear Ray-Ban aviators with cables. I take them off to ride broncs; they’re too expensive to ruin—especially on cowboy wages. 

That’s my lucky Cinch shirt. I’ve won or placed at more bronc ridings in that shirt than any other shirt. I’ve probably had it for seven or eight years. 

These are Kevin Burns spurs. I’ve been hunting a pair of Kevin Burns for a long time and I finally found ones I liked, so I traded for them. I built the spur straps.

I won that at San Angelo Cowboy Church bronc riding last winter. 

That’s an Eye Brand knife, and it’s been with me many years. I lost it for about a year and a guy picked it up out of a roping pen and brought it back to me. 

Coye Cody in Henrietta, Texas, made those. My leggings are less than a year old and they look wore out from use.

A feller in Iowa Park, Texas, built my saddle. His name is Mark Vickers. He made my bronc halter, too. His son, Zach, built my rein. I’ve had that saddle rebuilt once. I used to just cowboy out of it, but I started a bunch of colts out of it and now it’s my colt saddle. I’m in that saddle more than any other.

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