1) Name the first actor to ever play Jesse James onscreen in 1921.

2) Name the actor who played Jesse James’ assassin Bob Ford in I Shot Jesse James (1949) and returned a year later to play Jesse’s double in Jesse James Rides Again (1950).

3) Three actors have played both Jesse James and Billy “the Kid” Bonney; name at least two of them.

4) Name the actor who played Billy the Kid on the TV series The Tall Man (1960–62).

5) The actor from question #4 later played a dedicated (if fictional) lawman on what long-run TV Western?

6) All of the following actors played which real-life lawman: Robert Lowery, Patrick Wayne, Charles Bickford, Thomas Mitchell, William Peterson, and John Dehner?

7) Name both the films in which James Garner played Wyatt Earp.

8) Who played Wyatt Earp in the John Ford film Cheyenne Autumn (1964)?

9) On ABC’s The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (1955–61), Hugh O’Brian played Wyatt; on NBC’s Bat Masterson (1958–61), Gene Barry played Bat. Who played Bat on Wyatt Earp and Wyatt on Bat Masterson?

10) Two actors have played both Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson in films; name them.

11) What famed movie villain played the eponymous lead role in Black Bart (1948)?

12) Doris Day played the title role in the musical Western Calamity Jane (1953); who played opposite her as Wild Bill Hickok?

13) Though movie characters based on the lawman Heck Thomas never went by his name on film, his exploits were the basis for When the Daltons Rode (1940). Who played the thinly-disguised Thomas?

14) What real-life brothers played Frank and Jesse James in The Long Riders (1980)?

15)An actual Fort Smith, Ark., lawman named Cal Whitson served as the basis for what famous fictional marshal?

ANSWERS: 1) Jesse James Jr. 2) John Ireland 3) Audie Murphy, Roy Rogers, and Don “Red” Barry 4) Clu Gulager 5) The Virginian (1962–71) 6) Pat Garrett 7) Hour of the Gun (1967) and Sunset (1988) 8) James Stewart 9) Mason Alan Dinehart III and Ron Hayes 10) Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea 11) Dan Duryea 12) Howard Keel 13) Randolph Scott 14)James and Stacey Keach 15) Rooster Cogburn

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